Trail Passes & Biking Tips

State Trail Passes
Daily Fee $5.00
Annual Fee $25.00

Bicyclists, age 16 and older, are required to carry trail passes. Passes are not required for hikers. The annual passes are honored on all Wisconsin state trails. The daily pass is only honored on the day it is marked. Wisconsin Senior Citizen Recreation Cards are honored on state trails. Trail passes are sold by various businesses along the trail. A list of these businesses is posted at the trail in each community. Please patronize these businesses and purchase a trail pass before riding the trail.

Passes are available at the following outlets: Printable List PDF


  • Sparta Depot Trail Headquarters – 111 Milwaukee St.
  • Best Western Sparta Trail Lodge – 4445 Theatre Rd.
  • Country Inn – 737 Avon Rd.
  • Franklin Victorian B&B – 202 East Franklin St.
  • Super 8 Motel – 716 Avon Rd.


  • Rockland Stop & Go – 104 N Commercial St.


  • Hansen’s IGA – 1800 Commercial St.
  • Purple Cow & Sweet Shop – 1710 Commercial St.

West Salem

  • Cenex I-90/West Salem Coop Services – 341 East Jefferson
  • Hansen’s IGA – 635 W Hwy 16
  • Le Coulee Cheese Castle – 112 So Leonard
  • Veterans Memorial Campground – N4668 Cty Rd. VP
  • Village Lumber – 174 South Youlon St.
  • West Salem Village Hall – 175 S. Leonard St.

La Crosse

  • Smith’s Cycling & Fitness – 125 7th St. North
  • La Crosse Convention & Visitors Bureau – 410 Veterans Memorial Dr.
  • Walsh Golf Center – 4203 Co Rd B

Bicycle Safety

  • Wear bright clothing by day, white or reflective clothing by night. Wear shoes, pant leg clips, and protective helmet.
  • Use a light and reflectors at night.
  • Have your bike, especially the brakes, in safe condition.
  • Ride with one person on the bike unless it is designed and equipped for more.
  • Carry packages only in bicycle baskets or packs or backpacks.
  • Pull another vehicle with your bike only if it is designed for that purpose.
  • Slow down and use voice or bell to warn others as you pass.
  • Be considerate of bikers coming your way, especially on hills. Keep right and allow room for oncoming traffic to pass.
  • Keep at least two bike length between riders.
  • Avoid trick or stunt riding.
  • Stop and look all ways at crossings.
  • Use both hand brakes.
  • Don’t block traffic on bridges.

Other Tips

  • Stay on the marked trail.
  • Pets must be on leash no more than 8 feet.
  • Don’t feed wild animals. They have special dietary needs.
  • If you see a wild animal that seems tame, leave it alone–it may be ill, or even rabid, and may bite. Report too-friendly or aggressive animals to trail or park personnel.
  • Never eat berries or plant parts unless you are sure of their identity.
  • Avoid touching poison ivy. Recognize it by its 3 leaflets and by white berries which develop in late summer. The leaves turn a beautiful orange-red in autumn, but still are poisonous.
  • Put litter in its place. Please carry out your garbage and recyclables.
  • Leave wild flowers to be enjoyed in their natural settings. Take only pictures; leave only footprints.
  • The trail is for hiking, bicycling, and snowmobiling. Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and other motor vehicles and horseback riding are not allowed because they would damage the trail surface and conflict with other trail uses.